The SSD Review Is On Facebook! – Check out Our Unexpected and Unpublished Pictures and Videos!

Its been some time in the making but The SSD Review is finally on Facebook and you can find us HERE!

We wanted to find an avenue to show you things that go on behind the scenes at the review, things such as pictures that don’t make it to the reviews, videos as well as showing you a bit of who we are and how things develop as we grow as a team.

We think we may have hit the jackpot with this one!

The simple truth is there is a great deal that goes on in the life of a Tech Site that people just don’t see, things that go well beyond the scope of a simple review.  We want to take you there so check out our Facebook Page and see things such as:

FRONT Row With Stevie Wonder, Sheila E and EW&F – This picture was taken not five feet from Stevie himself.  We got to walk the red carpet and meet people that most would only dream of! Check out the pictures and videos, all on our Facebook page!



CLOSE UP shots and video of Lady Gaga –  Would you believe we were less than 3 feet away?  Once again, off to our Facebook Page for shots and video of this experience! If you would believe it, we were offered the opportunity for a ‘one on one’ after the song which we had to decline.  Do you think she might know what a SSD is?


blankWHOOPING  Fatal1ty’s butt in a bit of PC gaming!!! –  Ok so maybe not but we did get to play.  Excellent guy and an excellent opportunity for this shot don’t ya think!?!?!  I did beat Johnathan at a game of pool at the Corsair Party later that day if you would believe it though!


blankNETWORKING through various social events! – The name of the game is networking and the first thing we found out is that a handshake is worth a million e-mails.  In doing this, one has to withstand the events that follow such meetings.  This was the Kingston party highlighted by some amazing upcoming tech releases and displayed by a few of the countries top models.

blankFinding time to EAT! – This can be tough and especially when your in a new and exciting country such as Taiwan.  Sometimes your choice in foods isn’t always what you might expect! Don’t let this first picture ruin your appetite though because, well, there are times when the food is absolutely the best imaginable.

These pictures were taken at CES 2010 Showstoppers where the absolute BEST in innovations is introduced and, once again, at the Kingston party.  Salmon on the left and shrimp men on the right!


And then we have the TECHNOLOGY –  Quite frankly this truly is our bread and butter and we live and breath it twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year.  Our Facebook Page will bring you pictures of products not yet released as well as those that didn’t make it to the articles themselves.

Would you believe this little baby will hit the streets in the area of 2.8GB read and 2.5GB/s write for performance speeds, be available in capacities at over 3TB and will put out over a quarter million IOPS?!?!?  With speeds like that we can see a traffic stop for sure!


At the end of the day, this is just a taste of what we have in store for The SSD Review on Facebook. Not only do you get the best of our experiences, but also, some of the behind the scenes occurrences that just can’t get put up on the site.

Both myself and Karen hope you stick around and join the family!


And yes that a fruity drink in front of me but it has Cuervo Gold Tequila in it which makes it ok…I think.


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