The SSD Review is Off To CES 2011!!!

The home of The SSD Review is snow covered this morning with temperatures hovering at 32 DegF and we are hoping that the Buffalo Airport is not experiencing delays as we start our trip to CES 2011.

Our flights depart from Buffalo to Chicago and then our first touch down in Las Vegas which we are truly looking forward to. Our home for the next week will be the MGM Grand which is the second largest hotel in the world although we have meetings scheduled in several.

Our week will start off with attendance at Storage Visions and meetings with such names as Crucial/Micron/Lexar. Samsung, Corsair, and then Gigabyte who has invited us to a bit of a dinner party which arrived in this form:

Your presence is formally requested for a top secret debriefing session codenamed operation G1-WMD

It has come to our attention through various clandestine intelligence gathering sources that GIGABTYE has recently developed a whole new class of motherboard weapons and will be releasing them shortly onto the unsuspecting population.


Infiltrate the GIGABYTE CES compound and gather as much intelligence as possible regarding these highly powerful Weapons of Mass Destruction, before GIGABYTE unleashes them onto the world.

So…thats our first day! Its going to be a tough go but be comforted in the fact that we our putting ourselves out here day after day to get the goods for the readers of the SSD Review.


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    Can’t wait to see what treasures CES will provide. Good luck on your flight.

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