Technology X is Live! – Check It Out and become Part of Our Team!

Well it has been some time in the making, but after a great deal of work and much pushing by readers for us to get it up, Technology X is live!

Technology X will cover everything The SSD Review doesn’t and we are hoping to see it grow into an ‘all inclusive’ technology resource that has a worldwide reach!  From gadgets, to phones to audio and all the way to cameras and video, the one thing we are certain of is that the door is open for some amazing growth!

The opportunity is there for you to be part of our growth, as well.  As it stands, intern, blogger, hardware review and editor positions are available in several different areas of Technology X.  The only required skills are the required love of technology and the ability to speak…err rather write….your mind and get yourself heard.  If you are a bit hesitant, we have the people on board to help you settle in and get a feel for what we do.


In return, the opportunity is there for personal growth, establishing one heck of a resume both online and in print, travel and our saying stands, “As we grow, so will you”.  I can promise you will be amply rewarded should your presence here play a specific role in our success.  Last year, our travels took our team to Las Vegas, Germany, Amsterdam, Taiwan, China, Korea, as well as several trips to California, all arranged and covered by the company.  Already in Technology X, we have filled two spots for new members attendance at CES 2013 Las Vegas.

In any case, feel free to check out Technology X here or to drop us a note with any thoughts or aspirations of becoming a member of the team at

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    Congratulations on the new site! =)

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