Tech Promos @ CES-Impersonators or Booth Babes

About a week or so before CES, a female colleague described the CES experience to me when, admittedly, I first heard the term booth babes.  She had made the statement, You will like the sights as booth babes are back this year and, as I had never been to CES prior, I was a bit confused.

Having only spoken with her a few times prior, I didnt quite know how to respond and let it pass.

The next occurrence of such was on my flight from Chicago to Las Vegas where yet another term  surfaced which was Geeks like girls.  I recall my mind immediately drifting back to a few episodes of The Big Bank Theory and then a few more episodes of Two and A Half Men somehow.

Having now survived Las Vegas and CES for the first time, I must concede that I never saw the renowned booth babe but did experience the one thing Las Vegas is famous for which were the many impersonators. No, there were no Elvis, Liz, Madonna or Marilyn sightings but I did get lucky enough to get myself in a picture or two as well. Take a look!


These are actually Team Corsair who were present at Corsairs Invite Only press conference where they laid out their newest technology….that is Corsairs newest technology.


Would you believe that these nice ladies were giving fishing lessons to anyone who wanted to take a shot at scoring a prize from the D-Link inflatable pool? Thats our Associate Editor trying her luck at a cast or two.



This is definitely NOT an impersonator folks. Not in view were the 3 security guards with over a thousand pounds between them guarding that Tiera.



These pictures are from Gigabytes Invite Only product release party where the G1 Killer motherboard was unveiled.  That is some security force!





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    but you didnt lose your mind, right? 🙂
    i hope so

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    Les can I come next year as a staff member?

    RESPONSE: We are always looking for contributors and thats the first step. Ideally, yes I would like to be bringing a staff next year as the workload is just too much for one of me.

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      Dont forget about your buddy John at JTG Systems!

      I would lOVE TO GO as a staff member! Excellent Job on this site by the way!

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