SuperTalent RC4 USB 3.0 Flash Drive With MS Windows To Go EXCLUSIVE – ceBIT Germany 2013 Update

SuperTalent MeetingOur visit to the SuperTalent booth and one on one with ST Product Marketing Manager Roman Nahal resulted in an unexpected exclusive this week with Roman handing us the very first SuperTalent RC4 Flash Drive outside of engineering hands.

Better yet, SuperTalent also had the latest prototype, fresh with Toshiba NAND flash Toggle Mode memory, ready for our return to home base and subsequent review.  How much better does it get?

The RC4 is expected to be released in the very near future and will be available in capacities of 32, 64, 128 and 256GB, the higher capacities able to attain SATA 3 performance of over 300MB/s.  All RC4 drives have the latest version of Windows To Go installed, enabling the user to completely boot into their own ‘Windows To Go’ environment right from the disk.

From our previous experiences with WTG, the first boot may take some time as WTG has to install appropriate drivers for your systems hardware, however, SuperTalent claims boot times as fast as 6 seconds after that.  This is an incredible speed by any form of measure.

RC4 TopRC4 WidthThe RC4 is built on the JMicron JMF667H SATA 3 controller, enabling transfer performance of above 300MB/s, contains a NANYA cache memory chip, along with four modules of Toshiba TH58TEG7DDJTA2o, each being 16GB in capacity for this particular drive.

RC4 ControllerToshiba MemoryWhen asking about pricing for these SSDs, Roman wasn’t able to commit to more than letting us know that all did contain MS Windows To Go and, other than the fact that the higher capacities would of course require higher pricing, consumer and business interests just may be surprised at how affordable lower capacities are.

Having our trusty Toshiba Z830 on hand with a few benchmark programs, we thought we might throw the drive in for a quick ATTO test:


Considering our portable is running in SATA 2 and this is a 64GB version of the drive, high performance of 208MB/s read and 131MB/s write is excellent for any flash drive. If you want to see a bit more on MS Windows To Go, check out our previous review of the SuperTalent RC8 100GB flash drive with WTG. If you want to learn more of the RC4 and their MS certified WTG program, check out the SuperTalent site here.

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