Super Talent Shows Off RAIDDrive II and Upstream PCIe SSDs – CeBIT 2012 Update

Our first stop of the morning, at CeBIT 2012 in Hannover, Germany, was with Peter Carcione and Super Talent to speak with them with respect neW and upcoming releases.  Much as expected, we were able to get first hand shots and have a bit of a discussion on the newly released RAIDDrive II,as well as the upcoming Upstream PCIe SSD.

The anticipated release of the Upstream will be welcome in the consumer and small business PCIe SSD marketplace as so few are presently available.


The RAIDDrive II is a ‘SandForce Driven’ PCIe x8 configuration and available in capacities of 480GB to 2TB.  Based on the LSI ROC 2108 controller, and mlc NAND flash memory, this enterprise SSD can reach transfer speeds of 2.8GB/s read and 2.4GB/s write and maintains an access time of 1.1ms.



The Super Talent Upstream PCIe SSD is a unique card, in that, it is based on 4 x SandForce SF-1222 controllers and the LSI 1064E chip.  It is available in configurations of 256GB to 1TB, is mlc based and boasts performance of 950MB/s read and 900MB/s write.


blankSome other great news that Super Talent has received recently was with their partnership with Microsoft with respect to Windows 8 compatibility and availability, on release, with the Super Talent RC8 ‘SandForce Driven’ USB 3 flash drive.  The RC8 has been recognized as being the most powerful flash drive on the market as was seen in our review of September 2011.

Personally, this is my absolutely favorite piece of tech gear, contaning a very handy software program called Ceedo, which allows me to run several programs within their own environment on any computer.This allows us to also do independent testing of SSDs on our visits to shows such as CeBIT, CES and Computex.


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