Super Talent Upstream PCIe 200GB SSD Exclusive First Look

This PCI Express SSD is a prototype Super Talent PCIe 120GB ‘SandForce Driven’ SSD presently being fine tuned by Super Talent for an expected release in the near future, specific dates unknown.

We were lucky enough receive Super Talents approval to post these exclusive shots and rumor has it that the designation ‘Upstream’ is being considered for this new line of Super Talent PCIe SSDs.

This prototype contains 4 x SandForce SF-1200 controllers along with 32 modules of Micron 25nm 8GB asynchronous NAND flash memory (29F64G08CBAAA) for a total of 256GB of RAW capacity.

It is over provisioned to the enterprise standard of 28%, the end result for this particular model being just over 200GB of available user capacity.  Under the heatsink, one will find the LSI 1064e SAS RAID controller which might make this a bit of a first look at the great things to come as a result of the LSI purchase of SandForce recently.  Our recent one on one with Gary Smerdon, LSI VP & GM of the new Accelerated Solutions Division was reported here.

blankWith respect to performance, initial ATTO results show the drive to be capable of just over 900MB/s read and 854MB/s write although the choice of using asynchronous NAND flash memory becomes somewhat obvious when examining Crystal Disk Mark results.  This becomes a good time to mention once again that this is a prototype card that is still being fine tuned for release.

blankblankAll in all, a big kudos goes out to Super Talent who, unlike most other companies, has opened their doors for a glimpse of things to come.

A quick click will bring out the close-ups but beware, this card has been through a great deal of testing and its appearance has seen better days.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Opinion perhaps?  TAKE IT TO THE THREADS!

Come to think of it, we do have one last thing to say about this card and Super Talent:



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    Where can I buy one now?

  2. blank

    what about performance degradation over time? Dunno if this issue was resolved a while back or not. Interested in SSD replacing HD but not sure it would be worth it if performance will degrade over time.

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