StorTrends Announces 3600i All-Flash Enterprise Storage Array — As Low As Under $0.50/GB

StorTrends, a division of American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI) and a leading provider of enterprise-class data storage solutions, is announcing its latest offering – the 3600i series of all-flash SAN arrays. By utilizing two different types of solid-state drives (SSDs), one that is optimized for read performance and another that is optimized for write performance, the 3600i series of all-flash arrays provide significantly superior performance and extended endurance as compared to other competing flash arrays.

3600i front viewStorTrends uniquely optimizes their all-flash arrays to be tailored to the specific requirements of each storage environment by using their StorTrends iDATA Analysis Tool, which accurately defines a customer’s storage needs. The iDATA Analysis Tool assesses an organization’s total IT environment to analyze capacity utilization, reads vs. writes for all volumes, IOPS usage, overall performance, network bandwidth, server statistics and more to determine that customer’s level of “write data” versus “read data” that is required for that storage environment. This free tool enables enterprise clients to much more accurately plan their next investment in storage, and removes all guesswork that might leave the applications either under-provisioned or over-provisioned.

3600i iDATA iopsStorTrends’ 3600i utilizes state-of-the-art compression and deduplication to achieve dramatic capacity savings. Right out-of-the-box, the 3600i offers an all-inclusive suite of feature set that includes inline deduplication and compression, enlift caching, advanced snapshots, automated data tiering, either active/active or active/passive configurations, WAN optimization to provide superior replication speeds, and SSD-based data encryption. The 3600i is being offered with Write Tier SSD capacities of 200GB, 400GB, 800GB and 2TB; and Read Tier SSD capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

3600i iDATA disk latencyCross IT Services and Solutions, a StorTrends customer, recently deployed a StorTrends 3610i array, and they are in the process of migrating the data from five spinning platter SAN/NAS units onto their new StorTrends all-flash solution. Their new StorTrends 3610i will now become the backbone of their cloud infrastructure, hosting their end customers’ information and applications.

According to Ryan Kelly, Manager, Technical Services at Cross IT Service and Solutions, “We have long been aware of the advantages of flash over spinning disk, but from a budgetary standpoint it did not previously make sense to deploy on a large scale. However, with the price of flash coming down, it made sense to explore. After a careful review, we found that StorTrends offered a full-flash solution that we felt had superior features and functionality over that of other flash competitors – at a fraction of the cost. In fact, the pricing was actually quite comparable to that of a spinning disk solution. Another significant selling point for us was that the StorTrends service organization is made up of highly experienced storage professionals, and is backed by parent company, American Megatrends – an organization that has a long lineage of quality and stability. Having that kind of company in your corner, versus many of the startup storage competitors and newcomers to the market, is huge.”

3600i iDATA throughputJustin Bagby, Director of StorTrends Divison of AMI, states that “Until today, the vast majority of customers have been shy of all-flash storage primarily due to the cost. AMI has broken down this barrier by offering all-flash storage for less than $0.50 per GB. This is due to the highly efficient data deduplication, compression and enlift caching technology that if offered within the StorTrends 3600i series.”

StorTrends logo clear background

StorTrends is showcasing the 3600i at CeBIT 2015. They will be located in Hall 15 at booth D66. You can visit the StorTrends product page for the 3600i here.

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