Storage Visions 2016 Overview — Partnerships and Collaboration That Benefit All

We are back in Las Vegas this week for CES 2016, which for us starts the day before with Storage Visions 2016.  CES, as the name implies, is the Consumer Electronics Show, while Storage Visions focuses on the Enterprise (non-consumer) side of  the storage industry.  Storage Visions’ main focus is on various forms of collaboration on storage initiatives and emerging technologies, including partnerships that ultimately benefit all commercial and enterprise storage users.  Many of these emerging technologies eventually trickle down to the consumer level, resulting in better-performing and more reliable consumer storage.

Storage Visions 2016 mainThe theme for Storage Visions 2016 is “Storage for the next 5000 years.”  Attendees will learn the latest on hyperscale and cloud storage and its impact on businesses.  They can see how the Iternet of Things will impact their digital storage needs and hierarchy.  They can explore the latest on the rapidly evolving digital storage technology that will impact and change all of our lives. Attendees can develop their own vision of storage for the next _______(fill in the blank) years.

TCG screenshotSessions at Storage Visions 2016 will cover the following topics and issues:

  • Drive Trust: Protecting Our Stuff
  • Software in the Fast Lane: The Impact of SNIA’s NVM Programming Model
  • Analyst Perspectives: How will we Use Ubiquitous Storage?
  • Next Millennium Storage: New Developments Propel Storage System Options
  • Epic Proportions: Storage for High Resolution Content Capture and Production
  • Storage End Users on The Long Term
  • Storage Visions 2016 Rising Stars, Young Engineers Panel
  • Saving Data Forever: Long Term Content Preservation and Archiving
  • Pumping Big Data: Putting Data Where it Needs to Be
  • Business and Consumer Cloud Storage: What will we do up there?
  • Storage and the Wearable Sensors of Today and Tomorrow
  • Keeping it Now: Emerging Storage Infrastructure Technologies

DDN Storage boothKey note speakers started off with Ron Pegler, Vice President of Advanced Storage for Micron Technology, on the topic of “Always Where you Need it: New Approaches to Traditional Device Memory and Storage.  This was followed by Intel’s Bev Crair, Vice President and General Manager of their Storage Group, talking about “The Storage Revolution.  The last two keynote speakers were both from Google.  Dave Elliott, Global Product Lead for the Google Cloud Platform, and Jeff Kember, Cloud Solutions Architect (Media), will discuss “Cloud, Archiving, & TheFuture.”

FCIAIndustry groups and associations in attendance include Trusted Computing Group, who are responsible for setting and maintaining various computing standards, and certifying various devices that comply with these standards.  The SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP), provides a strong foundation of vendor-neutral, systems-level credentials that integrate with and complement individual vendor certifications.  The Drive Trust Alliance was formed to help promote awareness and adoption of self-encrypting drive technology for the consumer market under the stewardship of some of the world’s leading experts in storage technology.

SNIA boothThe Fiber Channel Industry Association focuses on storage in the data center, using the latest fiber optic technologies to deliver massive bandwidth, and sets appropriate standards for performance.  One of the earliest adopters of high performance storage was the entertainment industry, who are huge creators and utilizers of digital content.  They are represented by the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE).

DTACompanies with displays and representation include Quantum, Pro Storage, Drive Savers, Aconia Holographics, Intel, Aspera, BackBlaze, DDN Storage and more.  This is in addition to the partnerships and associations discusses above.

SMPTEStay tuned as we finish up with Storage Visions tomorrow, as well as beginning our coverage of CES itself and all of the latest technologies on the consumer front.

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