Xitore Announces DRAM Bus-Attached SSD – 25.6 GB/s, 4 Mil IOPS and Sub 2 µs Latency

Hmmm, a solid-state storage system with an operating bandwidth of 25.6 GB/s, 4 million IOPS, sub-2 microsecond latency and unmatched endurance? Are these performance metrics actually achievable? Xitore Inc. is a 2014 start-up based in Mission Viejo, California, and their answer to this question is “Absolutely”!

Xitore digital data depictionXitore is designing a solid-state storage system that is truly a game-changer. All of the key performance metrics, including throughput, IOPS, latency, endurance, power consumption and form factor are second to none. Xitore is achieving these vastly superior performance measurements via use of a patent-pending revolutionary controller, superior cache architecture utilization, a series of high-bandwidth and low-latency buffers, Xitore’s customized firmware and system level device driver.

So just how fast is Xitore fast? By comparison, the fastest current known bandwidth is PCIe Gen 4’s 8 GB/s. SATA-Express is at 2 GB/s, and SAS-3 is at 1.5 GB/s. Xitore’s bandwidth will reach 25.6 GB/s. Current storage solutions have widely variable latency in the range of 50-80 microseconds. Xitore’s latency is a fixed sub-2 microseconds. These are definitely some very compelling performance numbers.

Xitore’s intellectual property (IP) is leveraged around design of the Controller, the Firmware and the Device Driver. This unique methodology achieves previously unattainable performance metrics. Xitore’s Solid State Storage System sits on a DRAM bus and performs at the speed of the DRAM interface. Utilizing a single controller, Xitore has eliminated the need for a separate interface controller.

Xitore kpis chartWhen a processor reaches out to a Solid State Storage System there are several gates/paths that must be negotiated in order to retrieve or store data. Reducing the number of gates improves processing speed, and that is exactly what Xitore has been able to accomplish. Their single-controller implementation eliminates the need for system level interface bridges and hubs, as well as the need for separate SATA/SAS or PCIe controllers. The system resides on a DIMM memory slot and is directly connected to the host system’s memory controller.

Xitore’s Solid State Storage System appears as a DRAM DIMM to the North Bridge and CPU, but that’s only the beginning of this amazing new technology. Xitore’s patent-pending application of localized cache architecture and customized high-bandwidth, low-latency buffers within the Controller enables all writes to go straight to the DRAM cache. By utilizing the host system’s required periodic refresh command cycles, Xitore manages its cache during these refresh cycles. Xitore’s high performance cache is guaranteed not to be overrun by the host system.

Xitore Founder and CEO Mike Amidi has put together an impressive team to develop the Solid State Storage System. Xitore is no stranger to engineering design talent and expertise, with 62 published Patents and 8 currently pending Patents, all within the confines of DRAM, Flash and technology. This accomplished group includes multiple MBA, BSEE, MSEE and Ph.D.EE contributors, from premier industry-leading companies such as Apple, Arrow, Broadcomm, Cisco, HGST, IBM, Intel, NETLIST, Oracle, QLOGIC, SanDisk, SMART, STEC, Viking and Western Digital. Mike Amidi notes that “This unique combination of talented DRAM & NAND patent-holders created a means to achieve DRAM speed with NAND storage.”

Xitore logoXitore is actively seeking input from key Enterprise customers, as well as first-round funding. Xitore can be contacted at sales@xitore.com; or investment@xitore.com.  You can also visit the Xitore website here.

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