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Last week we looked throughout the flash memory market to find what we thought were the Top SSD Picks for Fall 2014. In response to the unexpected response to that article, we have decided to post a new weekly article that identifies the best SSDs, and SSD prices, found each week. This week, we have chosen to highlight the Samsung 840 EVO as being the best deal.


Topping out every other SSD on the market, the 250GB Samsung 840 EVO is currently Amazon’s Best Seller. Other available capacities include 120GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB. The current prices per capacity are $88.88 for the 120GB, $109.99 for the 250GB, $229.99 for the 500GB, $369.99 for the 750GB, and $441.86 for the 1TB version. The 1TB model is the cheapest 1TB SSD option on the market when you purchase through an Amazon certified seller.


For specifications, the Samsung 840 EVO Series drives are 7mm 2.5″ SATA 6Gb/s SSDs. They weigh in at just 2 ounces.  They offer AES 256-bit full disk encryption support. Their rated sequential read speeds are up to 540MB/s and write speeds up to 520MB/s for the 250GB-1TB models. The 120GB model reaches  410MB/s for write speed via their TurboWrite technology.

Samsung Magician

Samsung also includes their data migration and Samsung Magician software for easy cloning and drive monitoring. Samsung Magician includes a plethora of helpful tools such as a performance benchmark, drive optimizer, automatic system tweaking utility, as well as the ability to activate the drives encryption technology and RAPID mode. RAPID mode allows for a portion of your system’s RAM to be used as a read and write buffer instead of just reading and writing to the SSD. This allows for higher performance and more efficient command processing, which improves with repeated tasking. Last but not least, all of this is topped off with a standard 3 year warranty.

So there you have it. If you are on the lookout for finding the best deal on a SSD this week, the choice is easy.  Check out the Samsung 840 EVO today!

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