Sonnet Tempo 4 mSATA SSD Pro Gets Up To 1550 MB/s Speeds – Storage Visions 2014 Update

One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending a function such as Storage Visions 2014 is seeing as-yet-unreleased storage products.  Next up for your viewing pleasure courtesy of the SATA-IO booth is Sonnet Technology’s Tempo 4 mSATA SSD Pro PCIe 2.0X8 add-in storage card.  This card holds up to 4 X mSATA SSDs (not included), each having its own 6 GB/s controller. With all four mSATA slots occupied, the card is able to achieves transfer speeds of up to 1550 MB/s.

Sonnet Mr Pro 4-1

Being as we were not able to remove one of the mSATA drives from the display card to reveal any of the four 6 GB/s controllers, we can only speculate as to which controller is being used.  The Tempo 4 mSATA SSD Pro  utilizes a PCIe 2.0 X 8 host bus interface to achieve the (up to) amazing 1550 MB/s.  The low profile, half length card is also ideal for use in Thunderbolt 2 to PCIe card expansion systems with computers such as the MacBook Pro, as well as Windows-based PCs or a Thunderbolt expansion chassis.

Sonnet M4 Pro 3-1

Now then, if we can just get our hands on one these babies for some “testing”, we can provide significantly more details.  Stay tuned for further developments and news from Storage Visions 2014.

Sonnet Tempo M4 Pro 6-1


  1. I really hope you can test one !

  2. Hi there,
    the sounds great. Do you know when is the planned release of this Card.

    Greets Andy

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