Smart Storage Displays 1.6TB Optimus SAS SSD Capable of Over 100,000 IOPS – FMS Update

I am sorry but whoever thinks that using incredible beauty to attract customers doesn’t help is just wrong.

In fact, I am even preparing for the backlash on my return to home base when my better half questions the necessity of my emphasizing the point with ‘incredible’.

Nevertheless, lets look a bit further and see what Smart Storage had to offer at FMS. (Click on the photo for hi- res)


Smart Storage had a good showing this week and took the time to display their products including one in which we have had in our hands or some time now, the Optimus.  The typical form factor Optimus is probably the top runner for capacity with this one capable of retaining an incredible 1.6TB n data. It is capable of over 100,000 IOPS random read and 50,000 IOPS random write and uses the LSI 9207-8i SAS/SATA HBA.


I am certain many typical computer users would love to see this in their desktop but don’t count on it any time soon.  Watch for our review of the Optimus in the near future as we are sure it will be one of our more memorable reviews.


As for Smart Storage’s use of the lab worker idea, I am pretty sure this was seen somewhere prior

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