Silverstone Releases TP01-M2 Thermal Pad Kit To Help Prevent Overheating and Throttling of M.2 SSDs

Silverstone Technology has been in business since 2003, and they are not only a PC hardware producer, but also offer an interesting and innovative array of adapters and devices to help broaden your options in building or upgrading your system.  Their latest offering is the TP01-M2 Thermal Pad Kit, which is designed to help prevent overheating, and thus throttling, of M.2 SSDs.  The move of late has been toward smaller and thinner SSDs, such as those in the M.2 form factor, yet they have often proven to be prone to getting rather hot when under stress such as what can occur under heavy gaming sessions.

Silverstone TP01-M2 thermal pad mainTo help mitigate this new generation of heat issues, Silverstone has created the TP01-M2 Thermal Pad kit, a simple and effective means to cool M.2 SSDs.  The thermal pad(s) provide excellent thermal conductivity, and are easy to apply with a peel-off backing covering the adhesive side of the thermal pad.  The pad is designed to fit between your M.2 SSD and the adapter card that houses it so that heat can be transferred away from the SSD and to the large adapter card with its much larger surface area to more quickly dissipate heat.

Silverstone TP01-M2 appliedThe TP01-M2 Thermal Pad can be used with M.2 SSDs up to 110mm in length.  The kit comes with two silicone pads, one being 0.5mm thick and the second being 1.5mm thick.  The pads are 20mm wide and 100mm long. Thermal conductivity is stated as 4w/m.k.

Silverstone TP01-M2 temp comparison finalFor more information, you can visit the Silverstone TP01-M2 Thermal Pad kit product page here.


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