Silicon Power Announces Slim S80 SSD — Up To 960GB Capacity

Silicon Power, a world-leading producer of memory storage devices, is announcing its latest 7mm x 2.5” solid-state drive (SSD), the Slim S80, for the latest generation of laptops, notebooks and ultrabooks. Housed in an ultra-slim enclosure, the Slim S80 offers surprisingly fast transfer speeds, reasonable price points, and a wide variety of capacities – all the way up to a whopping 960GB.

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The ultra-slim 7mm design integrates easily into the thinnest of Ultrabooks and portable devices, making it an ideal upgrade option for computing enthusiasts, multitaskers and gamers seeking to move their system’s performance and storage capacity to the next level. The Slim S80 significantly reduces boot-up times, speeds application and program loading, and provides a substantially higher degree of reliability as compared to traditional mechanical hard drives.

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Silicon Power’s Slim S80 features a Phison NAND controller that allows it to achieve sequential read speeds of (up to) 555MB/s, and sequential write speeds of (up to) 530MB/s. The Slim S80 also attains random 4K read and write speeds of (up to) 80,000 IOPS. The Slim S80 is being offered in capacity points of 32GB, 60GB, 120GB, 240GB, 480GB and 960GB.

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The Slim S80 supports the TRIM command and garbage collection technology, and is NCQ and RAID-ready. It features wear-leveling to extend endurance and drive life, and implements Error Correction Code (ECC) technology to assure data transmission integrity. S.M.A.R.T. drive health monitoring attributes are also featured in the Slim S80, along with low power consumption. All models of the Slim S80 are backed by a three-year warranty.

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You can view the Silicon Power press release announcing the Slim S80 here; and you can view the Slim S80 product page here.

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  1. blank

    This is using Phison S8, right ?

    • blank

      They have not specified which Phison controller as yet, but as soon as these drives get into reviewers’ hands we will know for sure.

      • blank

        Well, given the performance and capacity support, S8 seems to be the most sensible choice.

      • blank

        First series have S3108, but later it should be S3110 Phision controller. Memory comes from Toshiba. Got that info from opening one of S80 (128 GB).

      • blank

        And just like their specs for the S60 they do not lock into a particular NAND which stands out like a sore thumb. In contrast, they are happy to get more specific with the S70.

  2. blank

    Hi Les. Do you have any idea about the brand of the NAND chips inside this SSD? Micron 16 NM Synchronous or Micron 20 NM Synchronous? Or Intel 20 NM Synchronous? I thank you.

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