Silicon Motion Announces Updated SM2246EN SSD Controller Supporting 3D NAND — CES 2016 Update

Silicon Motion Technology Corporation, a world-leading provider of NAND flash controllers for solid-state drives (SSDs), is announcing that its widely-adopted SM2246EN controller has been updated to support commercial 3D NAND.  This represents the world’s first turnkey merchant SSD controller that supports 3D NAND from multiple vendors.  The enhanced SM246EN will further drive the adoption of the most price-competitive high-performance SSDs in the market.

SM2246EN 3D NAND supportAs SSD prices continue to trend downward, a turnkey SSD controller will quickly allow SSD OEMs to launch high-performing SSDs featuring cost-effective 3D NAND.  The SM2246EN now includes advanced 3D Power Loss Protection firmware, which is designed to prevent sudden data loss in 3D NAND architectures.  Additionally, the SM2246EN can now support capacities of up to 2TB.

SM2246EN power loss protectionAccording to Nelson Duann, Silicon Motion’s Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, “SM2246EN is the world’s leading merchant SATA 6Gb/s controller for client SSDs today.  The added support for 3D MLC NAND will usher in a new era of SSDs with uncompromising performance and affordability.”

Shalley Chen, ADATA Technology Co.,LTD’s President echoed that opinion, stating that “Reliable turnkey solutions are the cornerstone for ADATA to efficiently and successfully utilize 3D NAND across all our key product platforms, including SSDs.  These solutions offered by Silicon Motion are critical to our long-term success.”

Nick Villalobos, Director of Global Marketing at Mushkin, Inc., observes that “3D NAND will drive faster adoption of client SSDs by consumers and corporate clients.  We are excited to partner with Silicon Motion in deploying SM2246EN with 3D MLC NAND in our new SSD products.”

SM2246EN market share cahrtKey aspects of the SM2246EN with IMFT 3D MLC NAND support include:

  • Ultra-high sequential read performance of up to 540MB/s and sequential writes of up to 410MB/s
  • Delivers up to 80,000 random read IOPS and up to 75,000 random write IOPS
  • Supports SSD densities up to 2TB
  • Supports ONFI 3.x, Toggle 2.0 and asynchronous NAND
  • Proprietary, configurable ECC engine allows for consistent data throughput and performance throughout the entire SSD lifecycle
  • Ideally suited for client SSDs targeting Ultrabooks, laptops, tablets and HDD replacement
  • Incorporates the latest security protocols and is AES256, Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and Opal full-drive encryption compliant
  • Supports both commercial (0-70 degrees Celsius) and industrial (-40 to 85 degrees Celsius) requirements

SM2246EN performanceThe SM2246EN with 3D NAND support is available now to customers.  You can view the SM2246EN product brief here.

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    What about tlc ?

    Also, they should make 2246XT version, that supports TLC flash. No dram, simple controller and cheap TLC flash is the perfect value combo.

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