Silicon Motion Announces SM2258 6Gb/s 3D TLC NAND SSD Controller – Computex 2016 Update

Silicon Motion Technology Corporation, a world-leading producer and marketer of NAND flash controllers for solid state storage devices, is announcing the SM2258, which represents the world’s first merchant ASIC/firmware SATA 6 Gb/s SSD controller solution that supports the latest 3D TLC NAND from all of the top NAND suppliers.  The SM2258 NAND controller is designed specifically for the unique demands of managing 3D TLC NAND for consumer SSDs, offering best-in-class performance along with high capacity, ultra-low power consumption, as well as extended durability and data retention.

SM2258 prSilicon Motion’s customizable turnkey SM2258 controller is enabling SSD OEM’s to utilize the latest generation and most cost-effective 3D TLC NAND flash, which allows them to quickly bring to market differentiated SSD products.  The new SM2258 will accelerate the adoption of a new class of cost-competitive, high capacity and high performance 3D TLC-based SSDs, as well as overall adoption of SSDs as primary storage.

SM2258 is World’s First Turnkey Merchant 6Gbs SSD Controller Solution Supporting 3D TLC NANDThe SM2258 controller features Silicon Motion’s proprietary NANDXtend technology, which consists of LDPC hard and soft decoding, as well as RAID protection that combined are able to triple the P/E cycles of 3D TLC NAND, ensuring data integrity and extending an SSD’s lifespan.  The SM2258 controller also features Direct-to-TLC and SLC caching algorithms to optimize sustained performance with TLC NAND.

SM2258 and other 3D NAND controllersAccording to Wallace Kou, President and CEO of Silicon Motion, “NAND vendors are readying for the transition to 3D TLC NAND that will improve affordability and accelerate adoption of SSDs.  As the NAND controller market leader, our new SM2258 customizable turnkey controller solution will enable our partners to rapidly bring to market a new generation of low-cost 3D TLC-based SSDs with uncompromising performance and capacity to drive even faster displacement of HDDs in a wide variety of end-markets and applications.”

SM NANDXtendKey features of Silicon Motion’s new SM2258 include:

  • Supports 2D/3D MLC and TLC NAND flash from all major NAND vendors
  • Ultra-high sequential read performance of up to 560MB/s
  • Ultra-high sequential write performance of up to 520MB/s
  • Up to 90,000 random read IOPS and up to 80,000 random write IOPS
  • Proprietary NANDXtend error-correcting and data protection technology to triple the P/E cycles for 2D/3D TLC SSD devices
  • Direct-to-TLC, dynamic SLC cache as well as static SLC cache algorithms for optimal sustained read and write performance
  • Support for ONFI 3.0, Toggle 2.0 and asynchronous NAND
  • Latest security protocols, including AES 256, Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and Opal full-drive encryption compliant
  • Ideal suitability for client SSDs targeting ultrabooks, laptops, tablets and HDD replacement
  • Support for both commercial (0°C to 70°C) and industrial (-40°C to 85°C) requirements

silicon-motion-technology-corp-logoSilicon Motion advises that the SM2258 controller solution with support for 3D TLC NAND is available today.  You can view Silicon Motion’s press release announcing the SM2258 in its entirety here.


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    This seems like a perfect match for variable BOM loving Kingston.

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    Now they just have to make it dram less, so it will appeal value segment.

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    I hope the power consumption of the sm2258 is better than the sm2256

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