Sandisk Releases Lightning PCIe Solid State Accelerator (SSA) SSDs – Computex 2012 Update

If timing is everything, I have to hand it to Sandisk on this one.  For some unknown reason, I just woke up at 2:30am just before Day One at Computex in Taipei to find that Sandisk sent out notification of their new Lightning PCI-Express Solid State Accelerator (SSA) Cards.

The Lightning PCIe is available in capacities of  200GB and 400GB and up to five cards may be installed in a single system for up to 2TB of storage capacity. Prices are set at $1350 for the 200GB  and $2350 for the 400Gb capacity.

Although performance specifications are not yet available, the Lightning PCIe SSA is intended for workstations and servers used in data centers, server farms and cloud computing environments and the additional characteristic of being ‘plug and play’ will make this a very attractive product given Sandisk’s long standing reputation for excellence.

SanDisk PCIe SSAs deliver balanced performance, speeding access to critical data in a simple and cost-effective way,” said Greg Goelz, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Storage Solutions, SanDisk. “Enterprise businesses can now leverage a PCIe acceleration solution that combines SanDisk’s leading NAND flash memory technology and its innovative controller design to offer the enterprise-grade reliability and scalability that our customers depend on.


Enough for now as we are only a few more hours of rest away from Computex 2012 activities but I can guarantee we return with the goods having appointments this week with both Sandisk consumer and enterprise divisions!

See the official release on Pg 2 below!


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    The post is correct, but your first page put “5TB” instead of “2TB”.

  2. blank

    What are the speeds? I don’t see it anywhere unfortunately.

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