SanDisk Extreme 480GB SSD Found At Lowest SSD Prices To Date (0.66/GB) With Free Shipping

It seems SanDisk has done it once again as we have found there 480GB SanDisk Extreme 480GB SSD for a rock bottom price of $319 which we believe has yet to be equaled anywhere prior.

Considering that this SSD has remained to be one of the top in the industry for some time now, this is an absolutely great steal of an SSD but we don’t know how long this sale will go on!  If I were testing the waters, this might be the right time to jump in.

Thats just a sick 0.66 per gigabyte during a time when most are happy to be getting drives a below the $1/GB mark which is not only unheard of prior to this sale, but also unexpected for one of the top consumer rated SSDs in the industry.  Good luck all and here is the link!

SanDisk Extreme 480 GB SATA 3 SSD only $319.99 at Amazon!blank



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    Actually, I’ve seen the Samsung PM830 256GB on sale at $170 with a certain coupon code, which also calculates to around $0.66/GB.

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    thats cheap ssd for large capacity if gets way cheaper then hard drives be obsolete

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    Im still waiting for the price to get a little lower all across the board on all SSD,s but its definatly getting better and getting closer to being in reach ! Always watching reviews to get a good idea on all models for price to performance ratio! Being finacially challenged and loving new toys for a computer build can be humbling! But I love to see the benchmarks and side by side comparisons so hopefully soon I can get what I want instead of just getting what I can afford!

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