Samsung Announces Acquisition Of Proximal Data And Their AutoCache Server Caching Software

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a world-leading producer of advanced semiconductor devices, is announcing that they have acquired Proximal Data, a San Diego, California-based company that has pioneered server-side caching software. Proximal Data’s feature product is AutoCache, which is caching software with I/O intelligence that is geared toward virtual machine architectures. AutoCache was chosen in 2012 as Best of Show winner at that year’s Flash Memory Summit in the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology category.

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The way that caching software works is to improve storage performance by controlling and storing the most frequently requested data more efficiently. This entails storing this “hot” data in the fastest section of a storage architecture (usually flash memory), and relegating the lesser used data to slower “cold” storage areas (either flash or mechanical).

Proximal Data AutoCache deployment chartAutoCache deployment architecture

According to Bob Brennan, Senior Vice President of Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.’s Memory R&D Team, “We are delighted to have Proximal Data join us, which will enable us to enhance our competence in SSD-based software for server systems. With this acquisition, we will be able to further expand our SSD business in the server and data center markets, while continuing to provide the most advanced SSD solutions to customers.”

Proximal Data before AutoCacheProximal Data after AutoCache

Before and after AutoCache deployment

Proximal Data owns proprietary technology in the caching software area, and their AutoCache software is a virtual cache storage solution that significantly increases virtual machine performance and density by eliminating I/O bottlenecks, while creating no disruption of IT operations.

Proximal Data AutoCache cost per VM

Rory Bolt, CEO and founder of Proximal Data, states that “Proximal Data sees tremendous value in being part of Samsung Electronics, the world leader in flash storage. We are excited at the opportunity to enhance our AutoCache, as well as to create revolutionary new products in enterprise storage, the potential of which will be greatly improved with access to the full capabilities of Samsung.”

Proximal Data AutoCache VMs per 1u

AutoCache Fast Virtual Cache delivers many benefits, including 2-3 times greater virtual machine (VM) density, and accelerates business-critical application performance. AutoCache is an amazingly low-cost solution, and is incredibly easy to deploy. It offers seamless integration with VM systems, including VMware, vSphere, and vCenter. It works with leading PCIe and SSD storage vendors’ offerings, and being a software-based solution, has literally no impact on IT infrastructure.

Proximal Data GUI and performance monitor screenshotAutoCache GUI screenshot

Proximal Data has been gaining industry-wide recognition as a provider of innovative caching solutions. Samsung’s acquisition of Proximal Data follows their previous acquisition of NVELO in 2012. NVELO was a US-based caching software producer whose product was geared towards use with consumer storage products, often combining smaller flash storage capacities with larger mechanical drives to create higher-performing storage systems. Samsung has been utilizing NVELO’s advanced caching software with its branded SSDs since 2013, enabling greater convenience and up-to-date performance to users of its products.

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By acquiring Proximal Data, Samsung takes another major strategic step forward, improving their competitiveness in the ever-growing server SSD market, and growing their overall SSD business in conjunction with their use of 3D vertical NAND technology. You can view Samsung’s press release announcing the Proximal Data acquisition here; and you can view Proximal Data’s AutoCache product page here.

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