Runcore Builds Super SSD Facility With Intent of Greater Industry Positioning

Runcore has announced that they will be opening a state of the art SSD manufacturing facility in Changsha, China. This move is apparently part of a plan to spur unprecedented growth in the company over the next three years. When finished, according to Runcore, the new plant will offer “the most advanced production capabilities in the industry” giving them an eminent advantage over any would be competitors.

Indeed, it seems the only thing left for Runcore at this point is the establishment of a larger market presence. Being a relatively small manufacturer, this goal has, thus far, been out of reach for the firm, until now that is. Although, Runcore didn’t go into detail, when the factory is completed three years from now, they should have an added production capacity of over 1 million SSDs per year, providing a solid opportunity to increase their marketshare substantially. Certainly, it will be interesting to see how well they capitalize on their new capital investment.

Another positive aspect of this announcement is, of course, related to price, which should see some pretty substantial reductions over the next couple of years, especially as Runcore’s new production line starts ramping up. This is exceptionally good news for them, as their products have always commanded a small but definite price premium over competitors offerings. Considering the attention to detail and the quality of the SSDs, this is to be expected, but if Runcore can manage to stay the course with their standards while at the same time lowering price, they really will be a force to be reckoned with.


In all, it’s encouraging to see the continued expansion of the SSD industry. Seeing as Runcore is considered by many to be one of the premiere providers of solid state storage devices, I really can’t imagine another company’s products I’d like to see more of in the marketplace. As more and more manufacturers are seemingly popping up out of nowhere, it’s nice to have a solid baseline that can be considered a gold standard of sorts while at the same time many other firms are cutting certain corners in order to get the final price as low as possible. It will be interesting to watch Runcore really come into their own.

Now is an excellent time to be interested in this industry, even more so now, as Runcore may end up becoming the next “Chinese Miracle” right before our eyes.

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