PMC-Sierra Announces HBA 1000 Series of 12Gb/s SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapters

PMC-Sierra, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise and big data hardware and software solutions, is announcing the HBA 1000 series of 12Gb/s SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapters. The HBA 1000 series represents the first products in PMC’s new Smart lineup of solutions for high-performance enterprise and cloud server storage connectivity. The HBA 1000 series utilizes PMC’s SmartIOC controller and Smart intellectual property (IP) from the most commonly deployed server storage rack to attain maximum resiliency, along with the industry’s lowest power consumption.

PMC HBA 1000 banner

PMC Adaptec management tools and drivers allow for simple deployment across a wide variety of data center and cloud usage scenarios. Offering up to 16 ports (either internal or external) in a low-profile MD2 form factor, the HBA 1000 delivers native server connectivity in a solution that is up to even the most demanding workloads and configurations.


According to Pete Hazen, vice president of PMC’s Scalable Solutions Group, “PMC’s new Smart Storage Solutions combine over 25 years of Adaptec compatibility with our high performance and resilient Smart IP that’s based on the industry’s most broadly deployed server stack, running on high-density PMC silicon. The HBA 1000 products are the first offering in our Smart family, enabling storage connectivity at less than half the power of alternatives.”

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The HBA 1000’s low-profile form factor, along with mini-SAS HD connectors, allows for an installation that is very small footprint, and with no impediment to air flow. RAID adapters and expanders are fully compatible with the HBA 1000, enabling complete scalability for the storage, retrieval and management of data across SSDs, HDDs and tape drives.

PMC’s HBA 1000 saturates the PCIe Gen 3 bus, and delivers up to 1.3 million IOPS with SAS SSDs, while consuming 60% less power than competing HBA solutions. This much lower power consumption also reduces the amount of heat generated, and helps avoid heat dissipation problems that are common in dense server arrays.

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The HBA 1000 provides 250% greater sequential throughput, and 85% higher random read performance for cloud data centers utilizing SATA drives for application acceleration, as compared to a standard configuration of up to 10 SATA SSDs attached directly to a server without utilizing an HBA. The HBA 1000 is designed to be scalable, and can connect up to 16 storage devices natively; yet can scale even further utilizing an expander. Implementation and management are simplified, resource utilization is increased and total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced.

PMC’s HBA 1000 has wide operating system support, leading Software Defined Storage (SDS) stack support and a unified set of drivers and tools that feature forward and backward compatibility with other PMC Adaptec solutions. Compatibility is further enhanced with support for both 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s storage devices.


The PMC Adaptec HBA 1000 series is available now via PMC’s worldwide distributors, as well as storage channel partners. You can view the PMC HBA 1000 product page here; as well as the PMC press release announcing the new HBA 1000 series in its entirety here.

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