Plextor Demonstrates Massive SSD Benefits To Gamers At E3 2013

SSDs are most likely not the first things that pop into your mind when you think about E3. That is exactly what Plextor aimed to change at the event this year – getting more gamers involved in SSDs and SSD technology.

plextor booth e3 2013 (5)

We looked around the small Plextor booth which had quite a neat setup. Two open-air computer systems, running a mechanical hard drive versus an SSD respectively, exhibited just how essential SSDs are not only during gaming, but also in everyday use.

plextor booth e3 2013 (12)

plextor booth e3 2013 (14) plextor booth e3 2013 (13)

Plextor had upcoming and current SSDs on display, such as the PCI-E 2.0 NGFF with sequential speeds up to 700MB/s read and 550MB/s write:

plextor booth e3 2013 (7) plextor booth e3 2013 (8)

plextor booth e3 2013 (9)
plextor booth e3 2013 (10)

The ever popular SATA 6Gbps M5 Pro Xtreme, and M5M mSATA had a nice little area to themselves:

plextor booth e3 2013 (11)

The most alluring displays were definitely the two custom build PC’s – one from Maingear, and the other from NCIX running two Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme’s in RAID 0:
plextor booth e3 2013 (6)plextor booth e3 2013 (1)
plextor booth e3 2013 (2)

…and there we have it! While occupying only a small fraction of the E3 expo hall, the folks over at Plextor are determined to educate gamers about SSDs and SSD technology one step at a time.


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    In the article title are the words “massive benefits to gamers” but you fail to mention what exactly these massive benefits are.

  2. blank

    Only thing we learn here is that Plextor went to E3. Do you have any of their information about why we want to use their products in our gaming rigs?

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