OCZ Vertex 4 Receives Much Anticipated Firmware Update Promising Higher Performance

Just over a month ago, OCZ released it’s new Vertex 4 6Gbps SSD which garnished industry praise as a result of it’s ability to handle highly incompressible data such as movies, photographs and music, however, many felt the V4 was a little conservative when testing in compressible data.

To most, this might never be noticeable except for the fact that manufacturers have long relied on compressible data benchmarks, through programs such as ATTO Disk Benchmark and Crystal Diskmark, to arrive at their SSDs listed specs.

In fact, if we are completely honest, the typical user only utilizes these high sequential disk transfer speeds less than 1% of the time in their daily computer use.  We have long stood by the belief that the bread and butter of performance lies in disk access times and low 4k random write transfer speeds.

Nevertheless, OCZ has this morning released new firmware for it’s Vertex 4 line and it can be found here under the name of the revision 1.4 RC, once their site is updated.  OCZ has increased high sequential results from 535MB/s read up to 550MB/s and the increase in write performance is determined by the capacity but can be as high as a 120MB/s increase.  New performance specifications are shown in brackets in this chart:

As we reviewed the Vertex 4 in both 256 and 512 capacities, we thought we might do a bit of an update, only to find that one of staff members loved that Vertex 4 256GB SSD too much to let it sit unused and that particular test might take a few days for SSD reacquisition.  We did get to quickly pull off a new ATTO result on the Vertex 4 512GB SSD and this is the result:

blankThis quick test saw our 512GB V4 performance jump from 521MB/s read and 460MB/s write to 546MB/s read and 467MB/s write which isn’t far off the mark and does confirm a performance improvement.  Stay tuned for confirmation of the two others in the near future!

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  1. blank

    please show some crystal disk mark results =D and thanks

  2. blank

    I would love to see how any of the Vertex 4 drives compare (with the newest firmware) in the PCMark Vantage test.

    • blank

      My initial run on the 512 showed no score improvement but this drive has been in use…

      • blank

        yeah, tweaktown’s review of the new firmware shows slight improvements when the drives are empty, but essentially none when the drives contain data. but even the empty scores are substantially lower than sandfarce and marvell powered drives. the low queue depth performance needs a bit of work still.

  3. blank

    Curious to see if the firmware change just traded some reduced random IO performance for the increased sequential. The boost has to come from somewhere.

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