OCZ Showcases RevoDrive 400 and Trion 150 – CES 2016 Update

After a long delay to the convention center today we were finally able to make it to the OCZ showroom where one of their newest products caught us by surprise. Along with the Vector 180 and Trion 100, OCZ showcased their Trion 150. The Trion 150 has nearly identical specs to its predecessor with 550/530MB/s read/write speeds, capacities ranging from 120GB-960GB, however, in this refresh it will be utilizing Toshiba’s 15nm TLC and they have improved the non-cache write performance to about 190MB/s. While still low in comparison to many of the mainstream SSDs out there, it is much better than what we have been seeing with other TLC products in the entry level segment, such as the BX200 which degrades down to about 100MB/s and less.

OCZ Trion 150 CES 2016

Next up we got to take a closer look at the highly anticipated RevoDrive 400. It is a top performer designed for speed. By utilizing Toshiba PCIe Gen 3 x4 Controller and 15nm Toshiba MLC and mixing in some NVMe 1.1b goodness, the RevoDrive 400 is able to reach speeds of up to 2.4GB/s read and 1.5GB/s write and up to 210K/140K IOPS read/write.

ocz revodrive 400 benchmarks

They also had a demo with some popular benchmarks. Speeds were hitting 2.6GB/s read and 1.6GB/s write in Crystal Disk Mark! As the saying goes, better to undersell and over deliver!

OCZ RevoDrive 400 CES 2016

The RevoDrive 400 will finally be released in the first quarter and come in capacities of 128GB-1TB. It will carry a 5-year ShieldPlus warranty and be available in both M.2 and add-in card form factors.

That is all for OCZ, be sure to stay tuned for more as we continue to browse CES 2016 for more!

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