OCZ Displays ZD-SQL Accelerator and Vector PCIe SSD – ceBIT 2013 Germany Update

Things got off to a great start at ceBIT 2013 in Hanover, Germany, this morning with a visit to the OCZ booth and meet with an old friend and former contributor of the SSD Review.  Our escape from the cold Canadian climate was definitely looking up with highs of 13Deg Celsius already this morning.

Our first look goes to OCZ’s unveiling of the new ZD-SQL Accelerator which is based on the OCZ Z-Drive PCIe SSD framework with an integrated and optimized software solution.  The ZD addresses SQL database server applications to ensure the data is readily available on SSD flash when the server needs it.

ZD SQL Accelerator

The ZD is as close to ‘plug and play’ as one can get and also contains ‘implementation wizards’ to guide DBAs so they can optimally manage data cached to the flash. As it is based on the Z-Drive which we had reviewed previously, incredibly high IO performance is a given when accessing data.


Of interest to the consumer is the soon to be released OCZ Vector PCIe SSD which was also on display.  The Vector PCIe SSD will be available in capacities of 240, 480 and 960GB, contains 2 x Indilinx Barefoot 3 controllers and speaks to performance up to 1GB/s transfer speeds and 140,000 IOPS.

Vector PCIe

Perhaps the highlight of what ‘Codename Pegasus’ can do comes to its ability to fly through the transfer of highly incompressible data, this being the bread and butter of those in the media world.  Initial benchmarks on AS SSD displayed high sequential writes performance of 883MB/s, low 4k random write results of 110MB/s and a high Total score of 1701.  Given the right price point, this could be an amazing add on to any desktop.

Pegasus Benchmarks

Last but not least, it was great to meet up with an old friend and former contributor here at TSSDR, Wayne Eisenburg, who is now OCZ Senior VP Global Sales.  Although Wayne has authored a few articles to our site, perhaps the most poignant was that on ‘Examining The SSD Industry – Benefits of Owning The Fab

While OCZ hasn’t the benefit of owning the Fab, OCZ has definitely stepped in the right direction enlisting Wayne by their side.

Les and Wayne


  1. blank

    Was wondering where Wayne ended up. Glad to see him with a top name SSD company. Gives me faith in their long-term viability.

  2. blank

    I see OCZ released more about Solid State VXL 1.3 caching and virtualization software also.

    The software maintains two identical, live copies of virtual machine
    data by mirroring the information across OCZ Z R4 PCIe cards

    Enhanced capabilities within VXL 1.3 Software enable OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCI
    Express (PCIe) SSD flash volumes to be virtualized and synchronously
    mirrored, so they are continuously available to support advanced High
    Availability (HA) and end-to-end Fault Tolerance (FT) services from
    within the virtualized host without the need for any back-end SAN or
    storage appliance. This approach yields no data loss and no virtual
    machine (VM) downtime even during complete server failures.



  3. blank

    Question re the vector drive – its a replacement for the revo series? Plans for future expansion on daughter boards like revo x2 series?

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