New Marvell SATA 6G Firmware Spotted For Better SSD Performance

It seems that there is a new version of the current Marvell firmware out there for those Crucial SATA 3 owners with a Gigabyte mobo and it claims to :lol:” Improve Performance of SATA Drives installed III/6G” ūüėÜ ¬†which might be a nice thing. ¬†The version is Marvell MV-91XX firmware version and it is specific to Marvell chips MV-9123 and MV-9128 (88SE-91XX). ¬†Unfortunately, at this time however, the update is restricted to those with Gigabyte motherboards but its a good thing to see in any case!

The firmware is available here and we have to give a big kudos to Station Drivers who, only a few days back, were also the first out of the gate with the Intel RST 10 final release, getting them out even before Intel.  In reading a bit, it appears they have incorporated the firware within AHCI so we may get lucky enough to avoid the few seconds and great visual each that is displayed each and every time we start our systems.

As usual, all are reminded that The SSD review that the information is presented as is and we don’t advise the installation of any drivers not released through the oem itself. ¬†Install at your own risk.


  1. Are these drivers or a firmware update? The post 1st says firmware then later drivers?

    RESPONSE: I have corrected the review to reflect firmware and should remind that, at present, it is specifically for Gigabyte mobos.

  2. blank

    firmware marvell 91xx bios is only for gigabyte mb or are good with asus mb?? i have asus p6x58d-e and many problems with this sata 3 :((

    • blank

      I just downloaded this one made a usb dos bootable and copy the uncompressed files to usb and installed on my ASUS P6X58D Premium.
      Run the GO.bat and Showed a mismatch on id middle update but said firmware installed then on 1st reboot showed my SSD as not configured but then showed a message saying firmware update auto rebooted and everything runs smoothly.
      I was getting blue screens sometimes and on reboot would freeze on marvell initializing screen lets see if this fixes anything.

  3. blank

    I have updated my asus p7h57d-v evo with the latest available firmware, from Controller no longer alive… does not even show up while booting. Any idea ?

  4. blank

    how i can update marvell ?
    i downloaded this version and how i can up it ?

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