Mushkin Hyperion M.2 SSD Reaches 2.8GB/s and 350K IOPS – CES 2015 Update

Great things are happening at CES and the storage world might be seeing some of the greatest advances that it has seen in a while.  Take the new Mushkin Hyperion M.2 SSD for example which, will not only reach just under 3GB/s and 350K IOPS but also, it can be had in capacities up to 1TB!


Using the Phison PS5007 controller, the Hyperion relies on PCIe 3.0 x4 and this M.2 SSD will be available 2015 Q2 in capacities of 128,256,512 and 1TB.  The controller itself supports 256-Bit AES encryption, has end-to-end data protection, supports both NVMe and AHCI protocols and present specs identify read performance as high as 2.8GB/s, write as high as 1.2GB/s and IOPS as high as 350K.  The Hyperion will come with a 3 year warranty and pricing is not available.

Mushkin PCIe1

Another new SSD product for Mushkin is the stackable Scorpion XC Series SSD which can presently reach capacities as high  as 2TB by stacking up to 4 x 512 daughterboards as shown in this picture.  The drive relies on PCIe 2.0 x 2 and utilizes SandForce controllers, however, these can be traded off in the build process with the SMI SM2246EN controller which would provide for capacities up to an amazing 4TB.

Mushkin PCIe 21

Performance of the Scorpion XC is listed as 880MB/s read and 840MB/s write and this SSD also comes with a 3 year warranty.

Mushkin Notebook1

Last but not least, Mushkin will also be offering their new Striker SSD in a typical notebook form factor.  The Striker is another Phison controlled SSD and utilizes the PS3110 SATA 3 controller.  The Striker will be available in 240, 480 and 960 GB capacities and performance is listed as up to 565MB/s read, 550MB/s write and 92K IOPS.

Pricing and exact release dates are not available but stay tuned as we always try to keep our readers on top of things.


  1. blank

    I like Mushkin and the speeds sound good, but even still, you lost me at “Phison.”

    • blank

      Phison drives were never unreliable. They were just slow, because phison mostly did budget stuff in the past (crucial v4 or torq2 for example).

      Now their controllers are much better and are pretty decent compared to the competition.

      • blank

        I’m not necessarily saying that Phison is unreliable, but to me, they are unproven. I’m extremely picky with my storage because I have lost a lot of drives over the years, and much of that was because chose bad hardware. Of course with storage and really any product in general, any brand will fail at least sometimes, but I feel much safer with a proven brand like Intel and Crucial and, for the most part, Samsung.

        I applaud Phison for stepping up here, but I personally will probably avoid their higher-end products for at least a year just to let other people with more money than me test them out.

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