Monster Digital Announces Le Mans SSD With 5-Year Warranty – CES 2012 Update

With some of the recent bugs that have plagued certain SSDs, users are more sensitive to the safety of their data now more than ever. In order for SSDs to move into the mainstream the adoption of the technology by new users needs to be as pain free and simple as possible.

Mix that with some peace of mind, and you have Monster Digitals’ business plan in a nutshell. Releasing an SSD with a 5 year warranty is the real story here, and one that will give customers pause.

How can this company with no background in SSDs, or storage at all for that matter, come into the market with this kind of confidence?

The answer is simple; Monster Digital is actually a company with plenty of experience and storage background now operating under the Monster umbrella.

Formerly SDJ Technologies, this group has 15 years of experience as a storage OEM supplier. Recently acquired by Monster, this move provides them the brand name, retail distribution network, training, marketing and customer service resources of the Monster parent company.

Manufactured entirely in the United States, the Monster Digital Le Mans Series is aimed at providing “Monster Quality”.

The Le Mans is certainly sporty with a great glossy appearance, here we can see it in the retail packaging.  Monster Digital is focusing on making the transition for the user as simple as possible, so this is an entire kit for the user, even including a screwdriver and SATA Bridge.

There is included cloning software, and the smaller device is a USB 3.0 to SATA bridge that will allow for easy cloning of the operating system.

blankSimply connecting the SSD to this clever device allows for the user to clone the HDD to the SSD with ease.

blankLeveraging a LSI SandForce 2200 processor, this device is good for a blistering 550/515 MB/s read/write speed. The 7MM form factor will allow for easy integration into mobile devices, and a hefty amount of over-provisioning will allow for great performance and extended endurance. These SATA 6Gb/s SSDs will be capable of 85,000 IOPS and available in 400, 240, 120, and 80 GB capacities.

Monster Digital has also entered into an agreement with Seagate to distribute their Momentus XT. What Monster brings to this device is a great 5 year warranty, and a whole kit approach that includes everything that the user would need to complete an upgrade.

blankOffering a five-year warranty on this product is a real winner for the consumer. Seagate and several other companies recently cut back on their warranties, to the disdain of many users.

This type of faith in the product, and support after the sale, is the advantages that a company like Monster Digital will bring to the table. We look forward to seeing the new products that Monster Digital will bring to the solid state storage and hybrid space!

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