Micron 16nm NAND Flash Memory Wins FMS Best of Show Award – Flash Memory Summit 2013

This week at FMS, Micron was on hand to, not only display, but also to show their new 16nm NAND flash memory in an operational state.  For this they were awarded the Flash Memory Summit Best of Show Award.

IMG_5916Micron’s 16nm memory is intended for consumer SSDs and similar consumer devices and is the smallest MLC memory package available.

IMG_592316nm wasn’t all they had on display as we also got a shot of their new P420 PCIe SSD.  Stay tuned to The SSD Review as we should have a review of this SSD posted within the next two weeks:

IMG_5913Last but not least, let’s take a look at a 16nm NAND wafer first hand:



  1. Please post low queue depth performance of the p420m and a video of it booting up if it can.

  2. I’ve read many times that NAND Manufacturers cherry pick the best possible MLC Wafers for their SSDs for Enthusiast Level SSDs like the 840 Pro . Wouldn’t it be cheaper if they picked lower quality SLC NAND Wafers?

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