Marvell Announces New SSD-class eMMC Controller For Mobile Storage

Marvell, a global provider of integrated silicon devices, is announcing launch of its new industry-leading SSD-class eMMC NAND flash controller geared to the mobile storage market.  The new 88NV1088 5.0 NAND flash controller supports HS400 high transfer speeds, while also offering a high capacity point, ultra-high performance and high reliability.  The 88NV1088 5.0 also features low latency and efficient power usage.  Marvell’s new controller enhances their leadership in proven SSD controller technologies for both enterprise and client markets.  This offering will help feed the rise of the ever-growing mobile device market, along with the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.  While the eMMC interface for storage devices is fast becoming the defacto standard, Marvell’s new 5.0 controller offers many breakthrough features that will satisfy users’ desires for faster and richer device experiences.


Marvell’s 88NV1088 controller can address a number of the challenges facing current mobile storage devices, and will assist in pushing the mobile storage market forward.  Next-generation mobile storage devices will require more than a simple micro-controller.  The 88NV1088 replaces legacy micro-storage devices, and increases the device’s storage endurance and reliability.  Marvell’s new controller also facilitates richer multimedia experiences with its advanced performance capabilities.


According to Weili Dai, President and Co-Founder of Marvell, “As inventors of many storage technologies, I am very proud of our leadership and contribution to the industry. I am thrilled to see our dedicated and innovative engineering teams continue to drive advanced SSD controller technology and raise the bar for the fast growing mobile storage market.  Combined with our industry leading 4G LTE mobile platforms, our differentiated Kinoma software, and mobile printing, this new eMMC mobile storage technology extends our leadership in providing end-to-end solutions to the mobile ecosystem and advance our ‘Smart life and Smart Lifestyle’ vision and leadership.  It is our great passion and pride to better people’s lives through innovation.”

As current mobile phones are featuring a higher number of CPUs, their corresponding larger screens with higher resolution, improved graphics, new peripherals and updated wireless bands require advanced mobile storage solutions that feature higher I/O access and the ability to support richer media experiences and multiple application usage.  Marvell’s 88NV1088 controller pushes up to 280 MB/s read speeds, and (up to) over 5000 random IOPS.  the new eMMC controller has improved data transfer rates, more efficient power consumption, lower latency and a higher capacity point; all at a competitive price point.


The 88NV1088 NAND controller is currently sampling, and should have general availability later in the first half of 2014.  The Marvell press release on the 88NV1088 can be viewed in its entirety here.

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