LSI New MegaRAID 9265-8i Card Delivers 2.7GB/s Read & 3.2GB/s Write With 465, 000 IOPS

This may possibly be one of the most groundbreaking performance announcements to be seen in SSD technology for years to come.  Today, LSI launches its second-generation of MegaRAID controller cards based on 6Gb/s SAS technology.

The new controllers deliver the industrys highest server RAID IOPS and unlocks the performance potential off SSDS.

Users can boost IOPS performance to 465,000 RAID 5 random IOPS utilizing a single controller, enabled with LSI MegaRAID FastPath software, connected to 8 SSDs.

To achieve equivalent IOPS performance levels using competing high-performance 6Gb/s SAS RAID controllers could require as many as 3 additional RAID cards, 24 additional SSDs and 3 external 12-drive JBOD enclosures. This translates to a 3x increase in rackspace and power consumption and significantly higher hardware acquisition costs.

This release from LSI documents some of the newest and most exciting technology to come our way with the development of newer and faster raid solutions to handle the sheer speed of SSD’s when used in a raid environment.  Currently, only 6gb/s raid card solutions are capable of even beginning to handle the sheer output of SSD drives. Even SATA II SSD drives cannot be handled by previous generation raid cards. LSI and their amazing series of ROC, especially the 2108, have been able to handle these loads exceptionally well, especially with FastPath solutions.

With this newly announced series of cards, LSI should be able to take SSD raid to a level never before seen.  Even with the highest performing raid cards of today, there is still performance left on the table from large SSD arrays.  Displaying such power means that the only limitation in application loading would be the ability of your processor to handle the sheer IOPS. This card will put up numbers unlike anything ever seen before with a raid card!

In the RAID card world, most reviews are compiled from the perspective of how a potential client might determine if the purchase suits their need. Traditionally, they fail to focus on the experience of enthusiasts who have the expertise and ability to put forth the usage scenarios and benchmarks that allow potential enterprise clients to see the true ability of the card.

The SSD Review is about to shake things up with LSI!!!

In addition to the standard test runs that we normally expect, we will be adding to that with detailed game load times, application performance, boot times, and an in-depth examination of how this card handles in an OS environment.  You will see how it fares in PCMark 05, PCMark Vantage, file transfer speeds, backup times, virus scan times of completion and the reader will understand how this LSI RAID card will perform for extreme overclockers on bench runs.

We cant wait to take you along on this ride with us, so buckle your seatbelts, for speeds from a raid solution never seen before!

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