LSI Demonstrates Windows To Go on Bootable Kingston Flash Drive (Video) – FMS 2012 Update

This morning at the Flash Memory Summit, we were lucky enough to get a pre-screening of the new Kingston DataTraveler Workspace, a completely bootable operating system using Microsofts new Windows To Go technology.  The demonstration was run by LSI’s own Monika Kloudova and LSI SandForce deserves a great deal of credit as, without their Flash Storage Processor (FSP), this may not have been possible.

The Kingston DataTraveler Workspace will be available in capacities of 32 and 64GB, contains a LSI SandForce SF-2000 processor and can reach typical SandForce speeds (presently unpublished) however, the demonstration below will show a start time of less than ten seconds which is something we never expected.


Without further delay, we think this video will speak for itself, Microsoft, Kingston and LSI SandForce. Thanks for the demo Monika (AKA Employee #20)

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