LSI AIS 2012: LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit Kicks off with Abhi Talwalkar Dynamic Keynote

Death and taxes have always been known to be the two guarantees in life. At the LSI Accelerating Innovation Summit 2012 this morning in San Jose, LSI President Abhi Talwalkar demonstrated that there just may be another in the name of data growth.

Having had the opportunity to see Abhi on a number of occasions, I would definitely recommend this as his dynamic personality is always overshadowed by a specific piece of information he has provided to tweak our interest. Today was no different.

In this keynote, there was a running total on the bottom of his presentation visual that spoke of data transferred and data stored in gigabytes.  This stopped, as did he, at the three minute mark at which point he pointed out that, in the world during the last three minutes, at total of 1,919,000GB of data had been transferred and 2,292,736GB of data had been stored. If that doesn’t amaze you, this also occurred during those three minutes:

  • 3.9 million videos were viewed on YouTube;
  • 183,423 hours of music were downloaded;
  • 612 million e-mails were sent;
  • 60 million photos were viewed;
  • Amazon made $275,000 in revenue;
  • 141,000 apps were downloaded; and
  • there were 18 million Facebook Views.

The theme of the LSI Accelerating Summit 2012 is ‘Data Deluge’ and, for those that never understood it in the first three minutes of this keynote, it was all to clear now.


Abhi carried on to speak of the world of data storage and transfer, in general and how LSI was doing their best to be a part of that, this including a rather fortunate partnership with Microsoft in the rolling out of Windows Server 2012.  Where Microsoft may have once been in the business of software alone, their partnership with LSI will now incorporate all encompassing opportunities of complete system implementation using some of LSI’s best products, the MegaRAID, Nytro and newly announced Syncro CS being at the top of that list.

Check out our continuing reports throughout the week as we cover such amazing releases as LSI’s new Syncro and… Welcome to the new ‘data-centric’ era folks!

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