KIOXIA Announces Their PM7 Enterprise 24G SAS SSD with Up To 30.72TB Capacitiy in a Single 2.5″ SAS SSD

It is hard to believe but the SSD industry has reached an incredible 30.72TB in a single 2.5″ 24G SAS SSD and this could have only been accomplished with KIOXIA’s 5th generation 3D TLC flash memory.  This enterprise SSD is targeting high performance computing, AI, reliability and security for enterprise servers and storage and is FIPS² 140-2 certified and currently testing for FIPS 140-3 certification. Performance for the PM7 shows up to 4.2GB/s read with up to 720K random read IOPS and 355K random write.

“SAS has proven itself as the tried and trusted storage technology for the enterprise storage market,” commented Don Jeanette, vice president of SSD research for Trend Focus. “As SAS continues strong shipments in 2022, KIOXIA’s 24G SAS SSD leadership will help them to maintain their market share in enterprise servers and storage.”

Achieving up to 20% performance gain over KIOXIA’s previous gen 24G SAS SSD, the PM7 is also dual port, has flash die failure protection which allows for transparent disabling of a failing flash chip while maintaining full reliability of the SSD, and its security options include sanitize instant erase and TCG Enterprise SED.


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    So it runs RAID 5 internally? Allows you to maintain operation while waiting for a warranty swap, right?

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