Kingston Showcases New HyperX Predator PCIe SSD With LSI Griffin Speeds of 1.8GB/s & 150K IOPS – CES 2014 Update

CES 2014 is off and running, and our first stop this morning was to the Emeror’s Ballroom of Caesar’s Palace to meet with Kingston Technology.  The very first thing that caught our eye, and definitely piqued our interest, was the HyperX Predator PCIe SSD.  As with other products in the HyperX line, Kingston has dressed the card up with a unique black heat spreader that also conceals the PCB, making it an attractive addition to a side-window enclosure.

Kingston Predator In Hand

The HyperX Predator utilizes Toshiba’s A19 (19nm architecture) NAND flash, married to LSI’s new SandForce SF3700 flash controller to achieve some amazing transfer speeds of 1.8GB/s read and write transfer speed throughput.  This card is one of the first gen. 2 X 4 PCIe SSDs being offered.

Kingston Predator Throughput

The HyperX Predator in its first release will be available in capacities up to 1TB, with plans for up to 2TB of capacity in a future version.  The Predator is capable of random 4K reads of up to 150,000 IOPS.  Kingston hopes to have the first Predator models available no later than late Q2 of this year.

Kingston Predator in Machine



  1. blank

    Man what a tease…Every SF-3700 based product I’ve seen is slated for Q2 launch. LSI must be struggling with firmware development…notice how no one is allowed to post up write speeds…they show read only. So I guess we got another 3 months minimum before we see 3700 based pci-e drives for sale.

  2. blank

    I am confused guys, how is this technology any good? I have a few OCZ RevoDrive3 2x that smash this in terms of IOPS @ 230K 4K and do 1.5GB/sec all over a year ago….

    • blank

      This is a first entry of a new gen controller. It is the first peak in the door. So let’s think about what we get by simply adding two controllers, much less four as we see in PCIe cards today. Wait… got 1GB/s from a single controller device a year ago?

  3. blank

    i think the price more reasonable than the others

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