Kingston Pairs With SandForce for HyperX SSDs

While attending Show Stoppers as part of the CES experience in Las Vegas, The SSD Review met up with David Leong of Kingston Technology who had some very interesting news to pass on.

Kingston and SandForce have joined forces to put together an enthusiast class SSD as part of Kingstons new HyperX Experience line and its release should be Q2 2011 latest.


David could not comment on anything further but the relationship between Toshiba and Kingston is strong. It might be a safe bet to predict that this new solid state drive will be SATA 3 utilizing SandForces new SF-2000 series processor along with Toshibas new 24nm ONFI 2.0 flash which is equipped with Toggle DDR to enhance transfer speeds. This match is a natural and could also see Kingston introduce higher capacities as the size of the flash has been reduced.


  1. blank

    I’m excited about some SF-2000. I can’t wait.

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    Would be kind of cool if one of these manufacturers utilized some sort of architecture to do RAID within a drive and pump it out over the SATA-3 interface. It would seem that SSDs draw low enough voltage this architectre would be plausible.

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