Intel Teases H10 SSD — Intel Optane™ Memory With QLC 3D NAND In Single M.2 Module — CES 2019 Udate

Intel is using CES 2019 to pique interest in their latest storage device, designated as the H10 — a combination of Intel Optane™ Memory and QLC 3D NAND solid state storage in a single M.2 form factor module.  Intel refers to the H10 as “an SSD intelligently combining the superior responsiveness of Intel Optane Memory and the storage capacity of Intel QLC 3D NAND in a single space-saver M.2 form factor.”

The combination of these two unique technologies in storage and memory solutions allows users to game, create and increase productivity with less wait time.  The H10’s combination of memory and storage on a single M.2 module makes it ideal for adoption in thin and light notebooks, as well as other space-constrained usages such as all-in-ones and miniPCs.

blankThe Intel Optane Memory H10 with Solid State Storage will be available in Q2 of 2019 in products from various OEMs including Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Asus and more.  Intel offers their Optane Memory in 16GB and 32GB modules, and they will be offered in combinations of 16GB (Optane) and 256GB (QLC 3D NAND), 32GB (Optane) and 512GB (QLC 3D NAND), and 32Gb (Optane) and 1TB (QLC 3D NAND). More information should become available as we get closer to the Q2 launch dates.

blankStay tuned for more news and developments as we continue with our explorations of CES 2019.

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