Intel RST 10 Final Release is here!

Intel has just released the final NON_BETA version of RST 10 drivers and they can be downloaded here. The final version is 46 vice the final Beta (43) and the site has not experimented with 46 as of yet but is running 43 without concern. There are no huge benefits to the typical single drive user but RAID systems are reportedly experiencing amazing GC and return of performance to like new SSD states and almost immediately in testing.

This is a direct download and The SSD Review holds no responsibility for any ill effects experienced through use of these drivers. The SSD Review holds no warranty, promises or guarantees with respect to the package and they are made available to use at your own risk.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Watching RST 10 with great interest. Considering positive feedback from SSD Review, I may upgrade soon after official release on the Intel site.

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