Intel Releases New BETA Rapid Storage Technology Drivers

A little hunting around the internet and it appears that there has been a beta download of Intel’s new RST Ver. driver made available here. The SSD Review does not recommend the use of beta versions of software and accepts no responsibility for any unexpected results through the installation of such.

It has been suggested by other users that the new drivers resulted in an immediate increase in performance levels of RAID 0 drives which immediately raised the question as to whether TRIM is now enabled. As we haven’t a RAID enabled system we weren’t able to confirm or deny such but we were able to verify a claim that boot times had decreased somewhat with the new drivers.

Prior to our installing the new RST release, our test system commonly booted around the 16-17 second mark. Using a program called Boot Timer we ran 5 separate tests immediately after installation of the exact same system, each resulting in a boot time of 12-13 seconds consistently.

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    Nice article. The reported performance gains in RST 10.x are exciting. Can’t wait to see if TRIM is finally available for SSD RAID! Over on the Intel forums, I recently lamented how there isn’t much feedback anymore from SSD early adopters when new RST versions are released (compared to late 2009/early 2010). Now The SSD Review is clearly the place to be for the latest buzz and early test results.

    P.S. I should say “when new RST versions are leaked” since is currently only at Station Drivers, but even when released at Intel, the last couple RST 9.x iterations didn’t get as much chatter over there.

    ADMIN: Thank You and we hope to become just that. There are some exciting things going on around here right now!

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