Intel Confirms Future Release of RST Will Support RAID 0 TRIM

Storage Review announced a great find a few days back which detailed that Intel will be bringing TRIM support to RAID0 configurations.  This would be great news to those enthusiasts, small business and enterprise clients who presently have systems without RAID support or have been awaiting such.

For those new to SSDs, TRIM is an automatic and background activity where deleted information is cleaned from NAND flash memory, thus maintaining performance.

Storage Review picked up Intels covert announcement in checking the release statement of RST 11.5 Alpha release where the fine prints clearly states that TRIM will be enabled on RAID 0 in an upcoming RST 11.5 release.

Hoping to build on this statement we contacted Intel who just returned that “a future version of RST will support RAID 0 TRIM”, however, would not elaborate further.





  1. the question is …. Does those iRST will need the OROM to be updated too, or will it run well with an old raid rom with the 11.5 set ?

  2. blank

    u shouldnt need to upgrade your rom. the rom is just the driver version untill the os takes over and rst starts running.

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