Intel Announces Optane™ SSD 900P Series – Perfect Match for CIG’s Star Citizen

Intel is announcing its newest Optane™ SSD, designated as the Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P Series.  The 900P Series is the industry-leading drive for enabling a smooth gaming experience with CIG Roberts Space Industries’ (RSI) latest game Star Citizen.  Star Citizen is an epic space adventure where the player controls their own destiny.  Players decide how to make their own way through the galaxy, in any number of roles including a merchant trader, a pirate, a mercenary, or any combination thereof.  Star Citizen enables a huge sandbox universe for exploration, with incredibly immersive detail and is a social and career-based MMORPG.

Intel Optane SSD900 Star Citizen bannerRSI and Intel are innovating together on the SSD 900P Series, and are offering a promotional program that includes an exclusive in-game Sabre Raven Ship and free enthusiast game.  This unique single-seater ‘ship assassin’ is the fastest in its medium fighter class, and is great for stealth and sneaking up on opponents.  It also features an EMP disruption weapon and KRIG Quarreler Laser Cannons for long-range attacks.

Intel Optane SSD 900P Series AIC - FrontThe major advantages of pairing an Intel Optane™ SSD 900P with Star Citizen include the ability for multiple concurrent file reads during streaming, and more efficient data streaming during gameplay.  Game load times are significantly improved, and on high-specification gaming rigs with maximum graphics settings you are able to render very high resolution textures and meshes, assuring that your gameplay will remain smooth.

Intel Optane SSD 900P Series U.2According to Chris Roberts, Chairman and CEO of Roberts Space Industries (RSI), “The Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P is amazingly fast; easily the fastest drive I have ever used.  Our Star Engine developers have been working on technology to improve loading times using new technologies developed for Star Citizen and optimized for Optane™, the fastest SSD we’ve tested with the game.  We continue to enhance Star Citizen so the performance benefits with Optane™ drives will continue to grow, alongside Star Citizen, into the future.”

Intel Optane SSD900 usages banner 1Intel’s Optane™ SSD 900P and its 3D Xpoint™ memory is not only geared towards gaming, but also game development and media creation, and engineering workloads.  It is being offered in two form factors – a 280GB or 480GB add-in PCIe card, or a 280GB 2.5” U.2 version.  It is rated for sequential read speeds of up to 2500MB/s, and sequential write speeds of up to 2000MB/s.  Random 4K read speeds are stated as up to 550,000 IOPS, with random 4K write speeds of up to 500,000 IOPS.  Latency is less than 10µS.  Endurance (480GB) is stated as up to 8760 TBW.

Intel Optane SSD900 building blocksIntel is also recommending a sale price of $599.00 for the 480GB version, and $389.00 for the 2 x 280GB versions.  Intel is backing the Optane™ SSD 900P Series with a 5-year limited warranty.  Intel also plans to continue its collaboration with RSI for future game development.

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    Just wanted to point out that RSI (Roberts Space Industries) is not the companies name. The company is CIG (Cloud Imperium games)

    Roberts space industries is an in lore ship manufacturer that the website is based on.

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    Anyone buying this hard drive that doesn’t care for Star Citizen, please
    email me at and I will compensate you for your
    game code! It’s like getting your hard drive with a good mail in rebate!

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    So when I will see SC full release 😛

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    Other Choices are Faster

    Windows 10 sometimes doesn’t boot from exotic drives, although it has improved over time. 2000 MB/Sec – I wonder if it is recognized by PrimoCache ? Then it would be as fast as your RAM. PrimoCache gives you 9000 MB/Sec Reads and 14,000 MB/Sec Writes on a regular metal platter drive such as Seagate or Western Digital. You could buy fancy cards, or buy RAM and PrimoCache and run your whole system at RAM Drive Speeds. Add one SSD and the whole O/S and all your common programs can auto-reload at boot into RAM from a second level SSD Cache. More than 3 times faster than Intel’s card, nothing beats the speed of RAM.

    • blank

      My own opinion but your love of RAM caching software doesn’t hold up compared to what any SSD can do. In your last visit, you were screaming praise for Romex software and now here, it is PrimoCache. There is a MASSIVE difference on what files are sped up through a cache and what files are sped up through SSDs through their very nature. Caching software, although it looks great in testing, simply cannot pull off what the SSD can do…at the consumer level. That is why we really haven’t seen the success of many in their attempts to bring caching mainstream in consumer environments.

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        Other Choices is kind of right. I run 3 ssds all threw primo cache, 32gb ram and I only use about 3gb for Primo with 10 second deferred writes my system runs like butter. My ssds almost never get touched, my reads and writes are mostly in cache. large file transfers start out in the 600mb and go down to about 300mb after some good time.

        I think Primo Cache is Romex. I don’t even need a ram drive any more. Because I use Primo Cache my total writes for my ssds are only 6tbs and that’s after several years of use. And I have old sandforce ssds which everyone talks junk about.

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        Correction I also use a 6gb ram drive on this system. Primo cache and Dataram ram cache. My bad.

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        The ram drive is for temp and internet explorer.

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