HGST Announces Virident Solutions 2.0 Server Flash Acceleration And Management Software

HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies), a leading producer of enterprise storage solutions, and a Western Digital company, is announcing its Virident Solutions 2.0 flash acceleration and management software.  Built on top of HGST’s industry award-winning FlashMax PCIe SSD platform, this new software suite adds network-level storage management capabilities to your storage architecture.

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Applications are accelerated while reducing your centralized storage costs.  Existing investments in SAN or NAS deployments are protected while you gain the blazing speed  benefits of PCIe flash.  Utilizing an enhanced control panel and other new features such as 16-node clustering and Ethernet support, HGST’s Virident Solutions 2.0 makes it easy to build a PCIe flash platform that is consistent with how you manage your current SAN or NAS array.

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HGST’s Virident Solutions 2.0 consists of four software modules — HGST Virident Share, HGST Virident HA, HGST Virident ClusterCache and HGST Virident Space.  Combining ClusterCache and Share with Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) results in a significant performance boost.

HGST share

HGST Virident Share — Share is HGST’s breakthrough technology that uses Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Infiniband or Ethernet to create a server-side storage network.  Rather than the standard of one add-in flash card per server, with Share fewer cards are required.  Less cards shared across the server-side network results in significant cost savings.


HGST Virident HA — HA enables high-throughput, low-latency synchronous replication across servers for data residing on FlashMax PCIe devices.  If a primary server fails, a secondary server can automatically start a standby copy of an application from the secondary replica.  You can create high-performance failover clusters for KVM, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and NoSQL databases.  HA also is easily integrated with Corosync, CMAN and Pacemaker.

HGST write-through write-back write-around

 HGST Virident ClusterCache — SAN or DAS storage arrays can be accelerated using FlashMax devices as a high-performance PCIe-attached cache.  ClusterCache improves applications like Single Instance Oracle with a more than 40X increase in IOPS and a 7X increase in throughput.  Business applications achieve faster response times, and quicker access to your data can give you a competitive advantage, as well as greater productivity and increased profits.

HGST three server configuration

HGST Virident ClucterCache + Share for Oracle RAC — HGST delivers the ability to share the storage capacity of a FlashMax II device in caching mode.  ClusterCache combined with Share can be thin-provisioned for run-time use, which effectively makes the entire capacity of the PCIe flash device available for cache use.  ClusterCache with Share offers significant performance improvements compared to a configuration where no PCIe flash is present.  With Oracle Enterprise Manager, it is possible to realize a 10X increase in throughput, and an increase of more than 47X the IOPS.

HGST v-space

HGST Virident Space — The newest member of HGST’s software family, Space is a Logical Volume Manager, similar to those that are part of high-end SAN or NAS arrays.  Space allows you to cluster up to 128 servers and 16 FlashMax SSD devices into a single logical volume.  This single logical volume can then be sliced up into smaller volumes as needed by each application.  Optimizing flash resources in this manner creates the most cost-effective flash storage deployments.

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HGST’s Virident Solutions 2.0 software creates the ability to attain new levels of TCO and ROI by using  clustering, high-availability, shared storage and caching in a server-side flash network.

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