Gorgeous Women of ceBIT – ceBIT Germany 2013 Update

FeaturedSo it is time to break the stuffiness of tech stuff for just a bit and show you just what event coverage entails at times.  It is a hard job and one that takes hours of dedication to finding just the right shot for one of our more popular additions at all the tech events.

Don’t let looks fool you however, as each and every one of these women can speak to the product they are marketing with incredible detail and background, some with years of schooling behind them.

Also a bit different from previous posts, we now have a new sister site at Technology X and have to be fair by splitting the piks right down the middle for each site!  The TechX continuation of this article can be found here.

Watch close as you may even catch a glimpse at a Miss Germany…or two…or three…

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ceBIT 2013 Ms germany WatchTalking





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    Les, now we know why you do what you do!

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