Fixstars Announces SSD-6000M 6TB SSD — World’s Largest Capacity 2.5″ SATA SSD

Fixstars Solutions, Inc., a Japanese software company, is announcing the world’s first 6TB 2.5″ SATA solid-state drive (SSD).  The SSD-6000M is built in the 2.5″ x 9mm form factor to accommodate the larger capacity.

Fixstars SSD-6000m angled

Fixstars’ SSD-6000M pairs 15nm MLC NAND Flash memory with a proprietary controller to achieve stable, high sequential IOPS performance throughout the drive’s lifespan.  This is a highly desirable feature for usage scenarios such as big data analytics, video recording, networking infrastructure, medical imaging and industrial applications.

Fixstars SSD-6000M big data nalaysis

According to Satoshi Miki, Fixstars Corporation’s CEO, “The unparalleled performance of our previous model’s (SSD-3000M) sequential I/O helped propel our SSDs and garner lots of attention.  Since many of our customers desire even greater capacity, I am excited to offer a new solution and grow the product line with the inclusion of the larger SSD-6000M.  Since our SSD’s capacity is now able to compete with high-end hard drives, we feel our product can draw the attention of data centers as well.”

Fixstars SSD-6000M minimum write performance graph

The SSD-6000M attains sequential read speeds of (up to) 540MB/s, with sequential write speeds at (up to) 520MB/s.  IOPS are not specified on the SSD-6000M product page’s specifications section.  TRIM is supported when using a TRIM-supporting operating system, as well as garbage collection routines and S.M.A.R.T. drive health and performance monitoring attributes.  Power consumption is stated as less than 6.0W (active), and less than 3W (idle).  Fixstars is backing the SSD-6000M with a three-year warranty.

Fixstars SSD-6000M average write performance graph

Although pricing is not yet (as of publication of this article) shown via the Fixstars website’s ordering link, Fixstars indicates that they are accepting orders from U.S. customers to be shipped in late July.  You can view the Fixstars press release announcing the SSD-6000M in its entirety here; and/or visit the SSD-6000M product page here.

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  1. blank
    Benjamin Hojnik

    I bet they are still using eMMC + fpga

    • blank

      They list Toshiba as a business partner,and Toshiba does make 15nm eMMC NAND.

      • blank
        Benjamin Hojnik

        How do you explain the capacity increase then ?

        I highly doubt they actually managed to make a controller, that can adress so much space. Their previous 3TB drive used 64GB eMMC and FPGA to get that, so there is no reason this is using something else. Its most likley the same setup, but using 128GB emmc packages instead.

  2. blank

    Couldn’t find any mention of power fail protection. No supercaps on this baby. Curious to see how it’s priced. I think people who want 6TB would really like it on a NVMe card.

  3. blank
    William Anderson

    3 Yrs warranty is going to turn off a lot of buyers. Hell they price there 1 gig SSD at $980.00 USD so what the price going to be at 6 gigs. With there pricing they need to jump out with at least a 5 yrs warranty.

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