Fixstars Announces SSD-13000M – World’s Largest SSD at 13TB Worth Of Object Storage or Content Streaming!

Fixstars Corporation has announced the launch of two new solid-state drives (SSDs), the 10TB SSD-10000M and the 13TB SSD-13000M. The SSD-13000M sets a new standard at 13TB as the world’s largest SSD. These two new Fixstars SSDs are ideal for object storage and content streaming usage scenarios.

Fixstars SSD13000M bannerUtilizing a proprietary Fixstars controller paired with 15nm MLC NAND, the SSD-10000M and SSD-13000M are able to attain sequential read speeds of up to 540 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 520 MB/s. This level of performance is sustained over the entire lifetime of the SSD. This combination of high performance and superior, enterprise-grade reliability are extremely desirable for applications such as object storage, content streaming, 4K/8K video processing, CG/VFX production and more.

Fixstars SSD13000M sequential writes chartAccording to Satoshi Miki, CEO of Fixstars Corporation, “Continuing the development of the world’s highest capacity SSD product line, we are pleased to take capacity one step further and present the SSD-13000M. The Fixstars SSD series has been highly regarded for their distinct reliability on steady read/write performance that lasts over time. Having met user expectations for higher capacities, Fixstars will continue to innovate and provide unique storage solutions to its customers in Japan and in the U.S.”

Fixstars 13TB usage pair 1Both the SSD-10000M and the SSD-13000M are built on the 2.5” SATA form factor, with a ‘z’-height of 15mm. They also support S.M.A.R.T. drive monitoring attributes, as well as the TRIM command where supported by the operating system. Power consumption is stated as less than 3w at idle, and less than 6.5w active. Fixstars backs both the SSD-10000M and the SSD-13000M to the tune of a three-year limited warranty.

Fixstars 13TB usage pair 2Fixstars is now accepting orders, with shipping anticipated to U.S. customers in late February. For additional information, you can view the SSD-13000M product page here; as well as the Fixstars press release announcing their two latest SSDs in its entirety here.

Fixstars 13TB usage pair 3Fixstars logo


  1. blank

    How is this the largest? Samsung has a 16TB SSD

    • blank

      The Samsung 16TB PM1633a is not yet available for sale — Fixstars is already taking orders for the SSD-13000M. So yes it is the world’s largest than can actually currently be purchased.

  2. blank

    It looks like they don’t offer power loss protection on this device. Probably too much NAND to cover with supercaps. Also, with a unit this dense with NAND I have concerns over heat management. The unit does have thermal throttling but I have to wonder how badly performance is affected when these are ridden hard in an enterprise environment.

  3. blank

    I bet they are still using eMMC packages tied together with a fpga…

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