First Look!!! Kingston SSDNow 100V 128GB SSD Just Arrived!

The SSD Review has just received first sample copy of Kingstons soon to be released SSDNow V100 series 128GB SSD. The refreshed offering from Kingston now has capacities of 64-256GB, TRIM support and boasts performance results of 250MB/s read and 230MB/s write. Kingston was nice enough to send us the notebook upgrade version which includes the SSD, A Hard Drive Cloning Software DVD, SSD external adapter and cord to plug it in.


Pricing for the SSD alone will run you from $119 to $489 while the SSD with upgrade kit is a mere $10 more for the package.

“We are determined to stimulate the consumer upgrade market through Kingston’s various upgrade bundle kits that provide cloning software and all of the accessories needed to advance one’s desktop or notebook PC from a hard-disk drive to an SSD,” said Ariel Perez, SSD business manager, Kingston.

“Our new SSDNow V100 drives do just that as they represent the best value for an affordable upgrade solution with a low price vs. performance ratio,” Mr. Perez added.

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