Earth Wind and Fire, Sheila E and Stevie Wonder Play The Monster Party At CES !!

There are things that occur in life that define us. These moments can never be forgotten and they often occur through an opportunity that allows only a moment to make a decision with the understanding that with risk may come disappointment or the reward of something never expected.

This was one of these moments.


Very briefly, we attended the Monster Party at CES in Las Vegas last night, as press, and as luck may have it a mistake was made which upgraded our tickets and gave us an opportunity to see Earth, Wind and Fire along with special guest Sheila E, much closer than we should have.

As everyone moved forward to have a great time, we were fortunate to get to the right edge of the stage in the Paris Hotel Ballroom and within 20 feet of center stage. There was a hint that there may be a special guest. Near the end, our Associate Editor (and my beautiful wife of 25 years) observed that Stevie Wonder was standing backstage.

It was at that moment that an opportunity presented itself and I moved forward and, for the first time, identified myself as press and was allowed a spot directly in front of center stage.

Enjoy these shots folks because they hold a spot much more special than I ever believed they could.







Only a few piks and I know this isn’t SSD information but, well, its nice just to give all an inside look at CES and the Monster Party. More Piks to follow with special guests to include Colton B and New Era but we are off to our first appointment this morning at the Aria with Jessica and OCZ!! Heres one last shot.


A special thank you to Noel for putting on this event and allowing something that I could never have dreamed of.


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    How awesome for you and your wife!! I’m not sure, but did I see Philip Bailey in one of the shots?

    Being a woman who grew up in the 60’s-70’s and living in MI at the time, I grew up with all the great MoTown music. But alas, to my misfortune I have never gotten to see EW&;F or Stevie Wonder live. I still hope (and dream) to see EW&F play live, especially with Philip Bailey. Just got to love that voice.

    If you happen to have any shots with Philip Bailey, would you please post them? Then I will ask you if I can download it.

    Thanks for the great pix! Hope you had a great time.


    P.S. And how lucky for the mistake on the tickets…it was meant to be.

    SITE RESPONSE: Yes that is ‘the voice’ and was absolutely amazing. Pics will be posted when i get the opportunity (within the next week). Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

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    Man! That must have been an awesome time. Grew up listening to SW as a child. My dad got to play in his band as a local musician when he came to our town. I loved playing the music of those guys in high school and college. EW&F with the Tower of Power horns ruled! Danced to their and Sheila E’s music even longer! What a great moment! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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    From the angle of these pics you must have been right next to me!…lol,what a great event Monster hosted..hats off to Noel Lee and thanks for sharing your photo’s,it truly was a once in a lifetime experience. (Great Site! and posted by Les)

    Thank You and yes…amazing!!! I was max 7 feet and to right with a larg camera to my left.

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