BIWIN Displays Enterprise Class PCIE Device That Supports 8 mSATA SSDs – FMS 2012 Update

BIWIN displayed a new PCIe card at the Flash Memory Summit that was one of the first we have seen to allow for the use of up to eight mSATA SSDs.

This card is a PCIe 2.0 x8 device and will be available in capacities from 240GB all the way up to an amazing 2TB.  Performance for the card is advertised at 2079MB/s read and 1802MB/s write and no pricing is available although it is expecting a fall release.


BIWINs enterprise card speaks to utilizing 8 ‘SandForce Driven’ mSATA SSDs in a RAID format utilizing the LSI 2008 controller and the sample on display was ustilizing asynchronous NAND flash memory, although they state that configurations can be available in slc memory.


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    I have been waiting forever for this.

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