Be Quiet Displays The Goods and Hints at a North American Presence – Computex 2012 Update

Our first introduction to be Quiet! was at Computex just about a year ago today and I still wonder why this company has yet to hit the North American market.

As catchy as their name is for PC cooling, the simple truth is that their popularity is unrivaled in Europe with hardware to include fans, CPU coolers and power supplies.  In fact, we started rebuilding our test systems with be Quiet! Silent Wings 2 fans some time ago and I would be hard pressed to change them out any time soon.

As well, their products have an extremely attractive look with power supplies ranging from 300 to 1200 watts and their Dark Rock 2 CPU cooler being a builders dream.

As always, our time with be Quiet! was time well spent and their product layout was incredible.  It was encouraging to hear that there has been a great deal of interest with respect to introducing be Quiet! to the North American market.  After all, it really isn’t fair that we few reviewers get to enjoy their products.



Oh, did I mention what first brought our attention to be Quiet! as we roamed the floors last year?  Don’t let the good looks fool you because this former be Quiet! employee is a full fledged medical practitioner.  It is days like this I wish I could call in sick!


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